Catch Us at Conferences!

THEN’s second annual Open Business Meeting will be held during the Society for American Archaeology meeting in Albuquerque, NM on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, from 2:00-4:00PM, in 28 Santo Domingo (AAC). This meeting is open to all THEN members and individuals interested in public outreach and education. Please stop by to meet the Board, the Webmaster, and other THEN members!

For those attending the Society for American Archaeology conference, there are no less that 14 symposia, forum, poster sessions, general sessions, and meetings related to public outreach and education. A quick word search for of the final program resulted in the following list of sessions:

Thursday, April 11
8:00–9:45am, Room: 65 Hopi, Symposium
NPS Archeology: Engaging the Public through Education and Recreation

8:00–10:15am, Room: 210 Tijeras, Symposium
From Tomb Raider to Indiana Jones: Pitfalls and Potential Promise of Archaeology in Pop Culture

8:00–11:00am, Room: 15 Zuni, Symposium
Archaeology as Public Good: Why Studying Archaeology Creates Good Careers and Good Citizens

8:00–11:15am, Room: 29 Sandia, Symposium
Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and Public Education at Tijeras Pueblo, New Mexico

1:00–3:00pm, Room: 27 Picuris, Forum
Ancient Heritage, Living Connections, Tribal and Hispanic Partnerships in Archaeology and Education

3:45–5:00pm, Room: 21 Jemez, General Session
Archaeology for the Public: Education, Outreach, and Engagement: North America

5:00–7:00pm, Room: Hall 3, Poster Session
Applying Archaeology, Making a Difference

5:00–7:00pm, Room: Hall 3, Poster Session
New Frontiers in Archaeology Education and Outreach

Friday, April 12
8:00–10:45am, Room: 130 Cimarron, Symposium
Archaeology Education: Building a Research Base

11:00am–12:00pm, Room: 15 Zuni, General Session
Teaching Archaeology

3:00–4:00pm, Room: Enchantment C-D, Foyer (H)
Public Archaeology Interest Group Meeting

Saturday, April 13
8:00–10:45am, Room: 60 Chaco, Symposium
Touching the Past: Public Archaeology Engagement through Existing Collections

3:00–5:00pm, Room: 65 Hopi, Forum
Social Media as Public Archaeology: Understanding Strategies, Skills, and Best Practices for Effective Engagement

Sunday, April 14
8:00–10:00, Room: 28 Santo Domingo, General Session
Global Perspectives on Public Archaeology: Education, Outreach, and Engagement