The Annotated Bibliography

THEN has initiated an annotated bibliography project. The Annotated Bibliography is a searchable database of heritage education references for professionals as well as a listing of resources for educators and the general public. The Annotated Bibliography contains books, journals, magazines, newsletters, classroom materials, videos, blogs, and websites.

While accessible and usable by members and nonmembers, only members of THEN may contribute to the Annotated Bibliography. If you would like to contribute, please join THEN under the appropriate membership category. The resource entry form is located in the Members Only section of the website. If you find an error on any of the entries, please contact us.

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Type: Journal
Madden, Aedeen
1980     A Decade of Adult Education in Archaeology. Australian Archaeology, 11: 107-118, Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Type: Magazine
Tapia, Emily McClung de
2002     A First Look at Public Outreach in Mexican and Guatemalan Archaeology. The SAA Archaeological Record, 2(2): 27-29, Society for American Archaeology
Type: Book
Rollans, Maureen
1992     A Handbook for Teaching Archaeology in Saskatchewan Schools.. Western Heritage Services
Type: Magazine
Ellick, Carol J.
1998     A Life of Its Own: An Education Program Takes Root in the Desert. Common Ground: Archeology and Ethnography in the Public Interest: Reaching the Public, 3(1), National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
Type: Journal
Deutsch, Warren N.
1976     A Non-Lecture Classroom Approach to Teaching Archaeology. Council on Anthropology and Education Quarterly , 7(1): 42-43, American Anthropological Association
Type: Education Unit
2017     A Teachers Guide and Lesson Plans for: An Adventure in Time: the Gault Project. The Gault School of Archaeological Research
Type: Magazine, Program
Gilsen, Leland
2013     Additional Training Opportunities for Students in Archaeology: An Introduction to Skills Workshops. The SAA Archaeological Record, 13(2): 4-6, Society for American Archaeology
Type: Newsletter
Plumley, Lisa E.
1999     Adult Education and Outreach. Society for Historical Archaeology Newsletter, 32(3): 5-6, Society for Historical Archaeology
Type: Magazine
Copplestone, Tara
2017     Adventures in Archaeological Game Creation. The SAA Archaeological Record, 17(2): 33-39, Society for American Archaeology
Type: Magazine, Program
Ellick, Carol J.
1999     Adventures, Mysteries, Discoveries, and Archaeology in Chicago. SAA Bulletin, 17(1): 14 (Available on-line. Page number in citation relate to print copy.), Society for American Archaeology