The Heritage Education Journal

THEN’s Publications Committee, which includes Eleanor King (chair), Mitch Allen, and Elaine Franklin, has been assiduously working on developing a new on-line journal, previously approved by THEN’s Board. Entitled The Journal of Heritage Education, this peer-reviewed publication will feature cross-disciplinary discussions of topics relating to THEN’s mission and goals. Journal issues will appear one to two times a year and will be a benefit of membership. Issues will vary from presenting the latest thinking on a key topic to providing resources for different educational levels.

For the past six months, the committee has worked on recruiting an Advisory Board for the journal, which we are planning to launch next year. Our distinguished interdisciplinary group includes specialists from a wide range of fields that use and/or practice heritage education. Archaeology, museology, interpretation, tourism, oral history, history, education, biological anthropology, science publishing, and science journalism feature among the subjects represented. The Advisory Board also hails from many different parts of the globe, ranging from Australia to Europe by way of Japan, Canada, and the U.S. We are pleased and proud that they have chosen to work with us and welcome them to the THEN community.

The journal advisory board held its first virtual meeting on June 30, 2020 and made plans for the inaugural issue, which will be distributed for free, as an inducement for people to join THEN. The issue’s theme will be: “How is heritage education defined and practiced in your profession and/or your country?” Stay tuned for updates during the next year about The Heritage Education Journal and this first issue. While, like this one, many of our issues will have a theme, we will also consider individual articles and contributions. If you have an idea for an article or an issue—something you would either like information on or can contribute to, or would like more specific information, please contact the editor, Eleanor King, directly at

The Heritage Education Journal Advisory Board

Mitchell Allen

Laura Arias Ferrer

Max A. van Balgooy

Elaine Franklin

Gwynn Henderson

Eleanor King

Christian Mathis

Andy Mink

Jeanne M. Moe

Mayumi Okada

Heather Pringle

Georgia Roberts

Doug Rocks-Macqueen

Barbara Sommer

Rachel Watkins