The Heritage Education Journal

The Heritage Education Journal is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary professional publication for those who use, manage, teach, or create information about past or present peoples and cultures. Please see the Style Guide for information on submissions; for any further questions please contact the editor at

Editorial Staff

Eleanor M. King, editor

Douglas Rocks-Macqueen, webmaster

Editorial Advisory Board

Mitchell Allen
Research Associate
University of California at Berkeley & Smithsonian Institution
Berkeley, CA, United States

Laura Arias Ferrer
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematical & Social Sciences Teaching, School of Education, University of Murcia
Murcia, Spain

Max A. van Balgooy
Engaging Places LLC
Rockville, MD, United States

Elaine Franklin
Director Emerita
Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership, North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC, United States

A. Gwynn Henderson
Educational Director
Kentucky Archaeological Survey, Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, KY, United States

Rachel Watkins
Professor and Chair
Department of Anthropology,American University
Washington, DC, United States

Andy Mink
Vice-President for Educational Program
National Humanities Center
Research Triangle Park, NC, United States

Jeanne M. Moe
Institute for Heritage Education
Bozeman, MT, United States

Christian Mathis
Department of Primary Education, Zurich University of Teacher Education
Zurich, Switzerland

Mayumi Okada
Associate Professor
Center for Advanced Tourism Studies, Hokkaido University
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Barbara Sommer
BWS Associates
Mendota Heights, MN, United States

Georgia Stannard
Department of Archaeology, La Trobe University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Current Issue

The Heritage Education Journal
Volume 1, Number 1
March 2023

Editor’s Corner

Introducing The Heritage Education Journal (THEJ)


Heritage Education and Oral History
Barbara Sommer

Laboratories as Heritage Sites: Linking Ethics, Research and Education – Coming Soon
Rachel Watkins

A Cultural History of Archaeological Education
Carol J. Ellick

When Heritage Meets Education: Reflections on Past and Contemporary Policy in Flanders
Joris Van Doorsselaere

Teaching and Learning About Cultural Heritage Within Archaeology in Australia – Coming Soon
Georgia L. Stannard, Keir Strickland, and Melissa Marshall

Conceptualizing Heritage Education in Contemporary Japan – Coming Soon
Mayumi Okada and Amanda Gomes

Why Does Archaeology Matter? Archaeology Across Different Countries and Teaching Approaches
Laura Arias-Ferrer, Alejandro Egea-Vivancos, A. Gwynn Henderson, Linda S. Levstik,
Christian Mathis, Helena Pinto, and M. Jay Stottman


A Conversation on Heritage, Archaeology, and Education in the United States
Eleanor M. King, A. Gwynn Henderson, and Jeanne M. Moe, with comments by Sara
Chavarria, Walter Fleming, Ayana Omilade Flewellen, Alexandra Jones, Robert Kelly,
Allison K. McLeod, Sarah L. Miller, Teresa Moyer, Elizabeth Reetz, and Jack Rossen