Editor’s Corner: Introducing The Heritage Education Journal (THEJ)

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the introductory issue of The Heritage Education Journal (THEJ), a publication of The Heritage Education Network. THEJ is an online, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary professional journal that aims to serve the needs of heritage educators by providing information on selected relevant topics.

Initially, the journal will be published once a year. Articles will appear on a rolling basis as soon as they are ready. Each journal issue will contain a body of articles focused on a topic, examined from the perspective of a number of different heritage professions. Topics will vary—from the latest thinking on a key issue to providing information on resources relevant to different educational levels. Articles of general interest, but not necessarily related to an issue’s central topic, will also appear.

In addition to articles, journal issues may occasionally contain forum discussions about the issue’s theme, with the intent of stimulating dialogue among readers. In this format, one author or a group of authors will present an opinion about a specific idea and solicit responses to it from other professionals. The published forum will then present both opinion and comments together.

The first issue of THEJ poses the question, “How is heritage education defined and practiced in your profession and/or your country?” Members of the THEJ Advisory Board, who represent a wide variety of professions, and other authors responded. The resulting articles consider diverse professional perspectives and offer overviews from the perspective of specific countries as well as cross-country comparisons. Articles were then double-blind peer reviewed by colleagues in the appropriate profession. This issue also contains the first THEJ Forum, which considers the larger question posed by the issue within the context of United States archaeology.

The first issue of THEJ is free online to all who are interested. Future issues, however, will be available only as a benefit of membership in The Heritage Education Network. To join the Network, please visit our website: https://theheritageeducationnetwork.org. For questions about the journal and the submission process, please address me at the email listed below.

The THEJ Advisory Board and I hope you enjoy this introductory issue of The Heritage Education Journal and celebrate with us the breadth and depth of heritage perspectives it represents.

Eleanor M. King, Ph.D.


The Heritage Education Journal

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